Who is i-WANt?

i-WANt.eu is a public portal about living, working, studying, and doing business in the Wageningen, Arnhem and Nijmegen region. The Economic Board hosts the portal on behalf of the Province of Gelderland and the municipalities of Arnhem and Nijmegen. The portal for knowledge workers, international students and entrepreneurs provides basic information and continuously refers to companies, knowledge institutions and organizations in the region.

The public puller of the portal is a vacancy database that provides access to English-language vacancies in a radius of 20 km around the Wageningen - Arnhem - Nijmegen region.


The Wageningen-Arnhem-Nijmegen region is not only a border region with many green areas and a rich history, but is also young and trendy; with many creative and innovative companies, a strong clustering of food, health & energy, excellent educational institutes, exciting architecture, promising musea and attractions, and so forth. The core values that we want to spread are: "relaxed" (the people, the surroundings), "healthy" (the economy, nature) and “innovative” (the entrepreneurs, and the training courses).

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The Economic Board

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