A car provides you with the opportunity to move around a lot. Another great option is to simply rent a bike and enjoy your short or longer stay.


It only takes a quarter of an hour for the train to get you from Nijmegen to Arnhem or from Arnhem to Wageningen. The region has a large number of train stations. These stations are closely connected to an intricate network of busses allowing you to go to any place in the region. The Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) is the national train company running between all main cities. At ns.nl or 9292.nl you can plan your trip.


The Wageningen-Arnhem-Nijmegen region offers a professional and comprehensive bus network. All towns and villages in the region are easily accessible by bus.

The driver will stop at a bus stop once you have indicated that you want to get out. You can let the bus driver know this by pushing one of the STOP buttons located between the windows or near the doors. The driver will also always stop when someone is waiting at the bus stop.

Payment system for bus and train

If you take the train, bus or any other public transport you will have to get a OV-chipkaart. You can buy an anonymous OV-chipkaart or a personal OV-chipkaart. To buy a personal one, you will need a passport photo, a Dutch bank account and a Dutch address. You can buy an anonymous OV-chipkaart at the railway station, the local transport company or at the newspaper shop.

If you travel with the OV-chipkaart you will need to swipe the card whenever you get on or off the train, bus, tram or metro. You can load your OV-chipkaart at almost every railway station. For more information about the OV-chipkaart and hoe to load your card, take a look at ov-chipkaart.nl.