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We face major societal challenges in the areas of climate, energy, health and food. Consumers are increasingly aware of their consumption behaviour. The innovations in our region in the fields of e-health, personalized health, energy transitions, circular economy and healthy and sustainable foods contribute to the societal challenges of tomorrow, in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

Food, health and renewable energy are promising sectors that will be a part of the sustainable economy of the future and are thriving in the Wageningen - Arnhem - Nijmegen region.


The Food Valley region is a global frontrunner in innovation in the agricultural sector and food industry. Together with companies and Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen is developing the World Food Center. The World Food Center is starting to become a household name and is therefore a major contributor to developments in the Food Valley.


Arnhem is a natural hub within regional, national and international networks that are leading the way with innovations linked to smart power grids, energy storage and e-mobility. With the Arnhems Buiten Energy Business Park and Kleefse Waard Industrial Park (IPKW), Arnhem boasts two dynamic business parks that offer plenty of scope for innovations in the areas of new energy and sustainability.


Nijmegen is an important hub for the health and high-tech sector, and within it, the Novio Tech Campus is vital. The campus offers state-of-the-art research infrastructure and accommodation for more than 70 entrepreneurs and researchers in the life sciences, health and high-tech sectors. And there is plenty of room for growth.

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World Food Center

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Arnhems Buiten

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Novio Tech Campus