The Dutch healthcare system is among the best in the world. Residents have access to the high-quality specialised care. The government is responsible for the quality, accessibility and affordability of care.
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If you are coming over to work in the Arnhem Nijmegen Cool Region, you might want to bring your family. You will find the Netherlands provides excellent education for children as well as great options for childcare.
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Culture & Leisure
Learn all about the Dutch Liberation of 1944-1945, experience Nijmegen the way a Roman citizen would, plunge into Burgers’ Ocean, visit a museum or indulge in a wellness experience. You can find the region’s best attractions here.
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Right at home

The Wageningen - Arnhem - Nijmegen area is also young and trendy; we can boast many creative companies, the height of fashion, a strong presence of health and wellness, excellent educational institutes, exciting architecture, and much more besides.

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