Compulsory education

In the Netherlands, education is compulsory for all children residing here, regardless of their nationality. If a child is registered at an educational institute abroad, they still have to attend school in the Netherlands. Compulsory education starts on the first day of the month after the child’s fifth birthday. Most children start school at the age of four and it is even possible to attend school at the age of three years and ten months. This is especially helpful for foreign children who are starting to learn the Dutch language.

Rivers International School

The Arnhem Nijmegen Wageningen Region has one International school, Rivers International School, located in a brand new building in Arnhem. The school has Preschool, Primary and Secondary departments. Around forty-five nationalities are represented in a school population of 200-250 pupils. The pupils are mainly from Expat families who live and work in the region.

The Dutch education landscape

The Dutch education landscape can be complicated. This video allows you to see at a single glance how the different forms of education are linked up with each other.

More information on the Dutch education system

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Rivers International School

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Dutch International Schools