General Practitioner & Dentist

Once you have moved into your new house, you should immediately start looking for a GP and dentist close to your home and make appointments to meet them both. Be sure to find someone you like and trust enough to register with them. If not, feel free to shop around, so you won't have to go through tiresome procedures to change your GP or dentist later on. In order to find a GP and dentist near you, visit the website of the municipality in which you are registered; a list of all active GPs and dentists is usually provided. If not, you can search for a practice in the area.

Usually, people visit their dentists about twice a year for a check-up and make additional appointments for any treatment that is required. Depending on your supplementary insurance package, some or most of the costs will be covered.


Medical services are available 24/7. For urgent matters outside regular working hours, your doctor’s voicemail service will direct you to the closest out-of-hours medical centre [‘Huisartsenpost’], so you can consult the on-duty GP and they will be able to help you out.

In life-threatening or other emergency situations you should call 1-1-2, which is the emergency telephone number through which an operator can directly contact the police, medical services and the fire department for you.


The General Hospitals in the region are:



Medication prescribed by your GP, dentist or hospital physicians can only be bought at pharmacies. These are usually open during office hours but there is also a general rotation system to ensure 24/7 coverage throughout the city. 'Lighter' drugs, such as aspirin, can also be bought over the counter at all drugstores


If you are working or living in the Netherlands, it is compulsory to have health insurance. This is even the case if you are only staying for a year. A basic insurance package, as defined by the government, is mandatory for everyone living in the Netherlands. Optional supplementary insurance packages are available at an additional cost. Insurance companies must accept all applicants. Please visit the English website of the Union of Dutch Healthcare Insurers for information on all Dutch health insurance companies.