In Holland it is common for men and women to live together in a shared house. It is also possible to rent a dorm from a landlady or landlord, to find a room as a sublet, to find a place to live on your own or to buy property. Most rental contracts run for at least six months or a year. An average dormitory in the Netherlands costs somewhere between €300,- to €600,- a month. The rooms may be quite small (15-24 m2) in comparison to what you are used to.

Housing is a problem in almost every student town. This is true for Dutch students, but coming from abroad makes it sometimes really hard to find a place to live. Many universities and academies therefore offer their help in this matter. It is even possible that a university has reserved some rooms for foreign students. Those housing facilities are sometimes furnished and upholstered, which is normally not the case when one finds a room to rent.

Universities in the region that offer information about housing: