Are you looking for a room, a studio, a flat, a terraced house, or a (semi-) detached house, furnished or unfurnished, with or without curtains and carpets? And the location matters too, because what you get for your money in terms of quality and size can vary considerably according to where you want to live.


If your company has asked you to relocate to the region, it might be able to help you find a home. Radboud University Nijmegen and Wageningen University, for example, have built on-campus guesthouses for its foreign employees (researchers, teachers and other new employees) with apartments, suitable for one or more persons.


If you are staying in the region only temporarily, renting a place is the most obvious route to follow. Rooms, studios, apartments and houses can be rented furnished or semi-furnished from private landlords, agencies, some estate agents and housing associations.

It is difficult to give a general figure on how much accommodation will cost, as the rental prices can vary considerably depending on what you are looking for. You might pay anything from a few hundred euros to over a thousand euros a month.

Housing association accommodation is often the cheapest, but the waiting lists are long and you need to earn less than € 36.798,- per year. The housing associations' website of Nijmegen,, is only available in Dutch. The information on the commercial website of ’t Mauritshuis real estate agents is in English and offers English translated rental agreements as well.

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If you decide to buy living accommodation, be aware that the cost of buying property is about eight percent of the purchase price. In general, buying a house is only cost-efficient if you are planning to stay at least three years.

Most residential property sold in the Netherlands is sold by estate agents who are members of trade association NVM. The properties they currently have for sale are presented on the Funda website (in Dutch only). There is another smaller estate agents' organization called VBO (in Dutch only).

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If you move from abroad to the Wageneningen-Arnhem-Nijmegen region or vice versa, it can be practical to call in a specialised international removal company.